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Wholesale PV

  • PV panels - individually, by the pallet or by container
  • Inverters - single or 3 phase; individually or by the pallet
  • Kits - complete kits for domestic installs PV installations from 1kW to 1MW and beyond


PV installations from 1kW to 1MW and beyond

  • 3 phase Commercial / Agricultural - Roof mounted
  • 3 phase Commercial / Agricultural - Ground mount
  • Single phase domestic; roof mount
  • Single phase domestic; Ground mount

Our mission is to provide the highest quality product at the lowest price at a world class service and we constantly strive to better this.

Solid Wall Insulation Cladding


We will supply individual components or complete all in a box kits designed to your specification in portrait or landscape orientation.

For example a standard 4kw system will include:

  • 16 x 250 panels
  • 1 x inverter
  • 50m of cable
  • 1 x AC 2 x DC isolators
  • 4 x MC4 connectors
  • 1 x Full warning label pack
  • 32 x roof hooks
  • 64 x roof hook screws
  • 12 x 3m length of rail
  • 8 x rail connectors
  • 28 x mid clamps
  • 8 x end clamps


We can also offer a range of flat roof, trapezoidal and ground mount systems.


Samil Power



Solar Farms in UK


We build solar farms on land in the south of the UK. The solar farms typically generate around 5 MWp. A typical 5MWp solar farm generates enough clean energy to power approximately 1,200 homes - with a CO2 saving of around 500 g/kWh (based on savings made by domestic consumers*) or put another way, a CO2 saving of 55,000 tonnes over the 25 year lifetime.


5 MWp to power 1,200 homes.


A typical 5MWp solar farm covers approximately 36 acres (14.8 hectares) of land. At most, only 1/3 of the total area is covered by solar panels. Solar panels are typically 1.6m by 1m in size and are mounted between 1m and 2.65m above the ground (max. height 3m - depending on the angle/frame design), providing clearance for plants and other habitats to remain.


*Note: this calculation is as a result of generation only and is based on equivalent CO2 emissions from a gas-fired power plant; these numbers would differ for coal as a coal-fired plant would emit approximately 830g of CO2 per kWh compared to 380g from a gas-fired plant.

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