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  • The Complete Bespoke Package.
  • Roadway, Motorways, Bridges
  • Buildings, Pedestrian Areas and Carparks


LED and Solar Powered Lighting

  • Transport for London is spending £11 million upgrading 35,000 lights to LED and installing a central management system to save £2 million a year in energy costs.
  • On and Off Grid LED Lighting
  • Sophisticated Wireless Controls
  • Up to a 50% reduction in system energy compared with standard HID systems.

LED, Solar Powered Street & Roadway Lighting


Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in the safety and security of our streets and public places. Today outdoor lighting has to be smarter to comply with new legislation, environmental challenges and requirements to reduce energy usage. This is where the latest outdoor, roadway and street lighting solutions from AbacusOrangeEnergy™ come into play.


Nobody has more experience in outdoor lighting than AbacusOrangeEnergy™

Not enough light due to burnt out streetlights or low light levels creates shadows and uncertainty, while too much light can diminish an area’s character.Our mission is to help new developments, businesses, towns and cities find the ideal balance that ensures an inviting area.

Today AbacusOrangeEnergy™ is a world leader in the innovation, design, production and application of energy-efficient LED Lighting Fixtures.

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